Hail The Son - Grape Gummy Worm
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Hail The Son - Grape Gummy Worm (002)

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Introducing 'Hail the Son,' the game-changer in pre workout supplements. Our meticulously crafted formula responds to the demands of fitness enthusiasts seeking the best stimulant pre workout option. 'Hail the Son' is loaded with high-octane 'focus' ingredients, combined with a quintet of stimulants for unparalleled energy, concentration, and mood elevation.

Our pre workout revolutionizes your training regime by excluding beta-alanine, eliminating the discomfort that can impede your workout progress. While many pre workouts overemphasize certain components, we've struck the perfect balance. Our blend includes effective pump and absorption elements without overcomplicating the formula.

Experience the difference with 'Hail the Son.' Whether you're pushing for that extra rep or striving for new personal bests, our pre workout is your ally. It's not just about amplifying your energy; it's about enhancing your overall workout experience. Try 'Hail the Son' and feel the surge of focused, sustained energy that sets our pre workout apart from the rest.
Himalayan pink salt (97.5mg)
This dosage is a bit on the low end. We use this to help absorb other ingredients in our formula. It’s not the main absorption star though, Astrigin is.
Citrulline Malate 2:1 (3,500mg)
This is a bit on the low end, but it’s still a clinical dose. We didn’t want to add too much of this generic ingredient, and we use other pump products to supplement this low dosage
L - Arginine (3,000mg)
This is a solid dosage. It’s used to enhance pumps.
L - Tyrosine (2,500mg)
This an extreme dosage. It’s used to enhance focus and mood elevation
Glycersize (65% Glycerol) (2,000mg)
This is a solid dosage. It’s used to enhance pumps.
Agmatine sulfate (1,000mg)
This a solid dosage. It’s used to enhance pumps
Alpha GPC 50% (750mg)
This an extreme dosage. This is also the star of the show when it comes to focus and mood elevation.
L - Norvaline (250mg)
This is a solid dosage. It’s used to enhance pumps.
Caffeine anhydrous (250mg)
Everyone knows what this is. It’s a harder hitting caffeine than the original, which is cafe arabica or green tea. This dosage mixed with 100mg of di-caffeine Malate is very solid.
Theobromine 98% (200mg)
This is a solid dosage. It’s used to enhance energy
Di-caffeine Malate (100mg)
This is an extended release version of caffeine, which helps prolong the effects of our formula. This mixed with 250mg of caffeine anhydrous is a very solid dose.
Astragin panax (50mg)
This is the clinical dosage. It’s used to maximize absorption of our formula.
Halostachine HCI (50mg)
This is a solid dosage. This ingredient is similar to ephedrine and is used to increase energy, focus and mood elevation.
Alpha Yohimbine 98% (1mg)
This is a low dosage, and we prefer it that way. Many people (including us) don’t like the effects of “Alpha Yo”. With this amount, you won’t experience those negative side effects. We’ve included this stimulant in our formula in conjunction with our other stimulants because it’s difficult to get the amount of energy we are looking for without adding banned ingredients. We think adding multiple stimulants at low to medium doses is how you achieve that.